Peter Heller: The Dog Stars

The Dog Stars - Peter Heller

I have read some terrific books lately, but The Dog Stars might be my favourite. It's definitely in my top 10 of all time.


Heller is also a poet, and his writing is both lyrical and succinct. Hig, having escaped a continent-wide fatal disease, now live with a tough, emotionally-stunted survivor named Bangley. Their relationship is completely practical, but Hig now lives mostly in his mind, and the prose reflects that. It wanders a bit, it trails off, it skirts the thoughts that Hig can't quite bear to remember. It's so powerful.


I would have happily spent time in Hig's head even if he weren't being chased by looters or trying to coax his old plane over the next hill. Actually, the plot is tight and extremely exciting, and at points it was tough to put this book down at all.


This was a magical read by an author who is so good that it makes you wonder how writing is even done. I can't wait to read this one again. Highly recommended.