Elena Ferrante: My Brilliant Friend

My Brilliant Friend - Ann Goldstein, Elena Ferrante

I loved reading this book. The writing was beautiful (which requires a nod to the translator, Ann Goldstein, who made the English so natural I forgot it was a translation by the middle of the first paragraph), and the story was amazing. Elena Ferrante is ridiculously talented. She laid out the strong and conflicting emotions of childhood effortlessly, and without nostalgia or indulgence. I loved that the story was told from Elena's point of view, so we can see how Lila's natural talent causes Elena to strive for and achieve more than she would have if she hadn't known Lila. At the end of the book it seems that Elena will go on to be more successful, but Lila will always have been the smarter and prettier of the two. Does she even still love Lila? Can you love someone who is so much more special that she seems a world apart from you? Or has she just been enthralled with Lila all along? I can't wait to read the other two books in this series.