Gone Girl: A Novel

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn Gripping! I was so impressed by Flynn's ability to unpack every nuance of this possibly deranged couple's relationship, and to lay it out so carefully along the course of the novel.I think the reason this novel is being reviewed as literature and not genre fiction is how perfectly Flynn conceives and then reveals her characters' personalities. Her characters read as full people, capable of all types of emotions and actions, from benevolent, selfless, and loving ones to malevolent, selfish, and deeply vengeful ones.That being said, the plot was pretty great, wasn't it? I loved not being able to guess how it was going to turn out. I also loved how all the lies piled up to show that for some people, the best truth is lies.Overall, it is kind of a negative book, in that I couldn't find anything helpful or inspiring about it. You probably have to be in the right mood for such a bleak and twisted story. If you are, though, I would completely recommend this one.