Written on the Body

Written On The Body - Jeanette Winterson Although I am not inspired by love stories, I liked the genderless main character experiment. To me, Winterson made this missing information feel natural, and not like a clever hook. I was unable to get swept up in the romance (too much Twilight this year I think), but there was plenty of character development and plot development to keep me interested. As a character study of the narrator, I think the book worked well. I didn't pick up on many of the biases: yes, I caught the British cliché that the nasty husband is Jewish; I missed the language of empire (but I wasn't reading for the romance); I didn't think the narrator was fat-phobic -- but my edition of the book has a voluptuous woman on the cover, so I never got the impression that Louise was skinny (I am surprised by the book covers that show a very thin and, frankly, too young brunette on the cover). I thought it was well worth my time.