Lullaby - Claire Seeber Thanks to this book, I now realize that I absolutely must put down any book the moment the sassy black best friend shows up. There haven't been that many, but they have all been stinkers.There were so many things wrong with this book. First of all, It should have been about 200 pages shorter. Knowing that when Jessica, the main character, was in high school she never would have pictured herself married to a rich man and ironing shirts oh, please. Jessica is an average woman from a lower-class background who has been swept off her feet by a rich and powerful man and finds herself married to him within a few months. Why? What did he see in her? He tells her it's because he was irresistibly attracted to her one night, but she tells us she is not even a fraction as attractive as his beautiful ex-wife is. So we're supposed to believe this rich and powerful man with a crazy ex-wife with whom he is still in love suddenly decided to marry one of his mousy employees? Oh, because he got her pregnant! Right, that could happen.So one day Jessica's rich husband is badly beaten and her baby son is stolen, sending her into a psychological tailspin. She is a complete mess, and it is at this point in her life that the attractive older police detective who is responsible for finding her son meets her and falls in love with her. Wait, what? Who is believing this?Also, at one point Jessica tells us that she is normally considered by her friends to be an emotionally strong and independent woman, and I have never read a statement about a character that rang less true than that one. This is a [a:Dan Brown level of bad writing.Finally, the only reason I finished the book was because I didn't believe that Seeber was going to go with the ex-wife as the abductor. It was too obvious, and too much of a cliché (crazy ex-girlfriend everyone!), so I read on to find out who really did it. Ugh, it was the crazy ex-wife. And she kills herself in the over-the-top melodramatic completely unrealistic ending. Because she is beautiful but damaged! And barren! Just the kind of misogynistic cliché ending I should have expected from a novel about a rich white woman who gets all her emotional support from her sassy black best friend. 0 stars!