Vivian Gussin Paley: You Can't Say You Can't Play

You Can't Say You Can't Play - Vivian Gussin Paley

What an interesting exploration of the emotional dynamics of 4-year-olds. This book addresses my biggest fear about sending my daughter to public school (the mean popular kids), and gives me hope that it doesn't have to be that way. Unfortunately, I think it takes a saint of a teacher like Gussin Paley to prevent children from emotionally hurting each other. This book is about the process she went through with the children, beginning with her noticing that some of the students were excluded in free play, then covering her discussions with the children about the problem, and finally examining the successes of the solution they all worked out together. It's really short: it only took me about 4 hours to read because I skipped the fiction she wrote about the situation, which is a story for the children and took up about half of the little book.