The Further Adventures of Haley's Comet

The Further Adventures of Haley's Comet - Calvin John Batchelor This book was fun to read; however, on my second attempt I still couldn't get through it. I tried it once when it was new, and again this month. Both times I got pretty far in before giving up.There are books with dozens of characters, each so vivid that as a reader I can remember every detail each time one appears. Then there are books with five characters that I can't keep separate. I think this one has about 8 main characters, and at a quarter of the way in I still don't know who they are or how they are related. It doesn't help that the story jumps to other comet years repeatedly and we keep meeting the characters' ancestors and then jumping back. This increases the cast to dozens, all of whom have one of maybe three different surnames. After jumping from 1682 back to 1986 and not being able to tell the Means from the Broadswords (and who the hell is Grace?), I had to sack it.Maybe I am just not reader enough for this book? I get the feeling that if I could read it in one sitting, I would love it. Oh to be a teen-aged reader again! ;-)