The Bad Mother's Handbook

The Bad Mother's Handbook - Kate Long I liked this book, but I was disappointed because of the title and the cover. On my copy, it's called "The BAD Mother's Handbook" and it has a child's drawing of a bottle of Tanqueray gin on the back. I was expecting "Bad Santa" bad, not "made some mistakes as a parent" bad. None of the characters in this book is at all bad; in fact, they wouldn't even make it into Desperate Housewives, let alone an R-rated movie. Very misleading! It was a fine book, just not very exciting. If you are looking forward to reading a story that should have been called "Touching Story about how an Unplanned Pregnancy Changes the Lives of Three Generations of Women," run out there and get this book. If you're hoping to cozy up to some unscrupulous and mischievous parenting, move along.