New Moon (The Twilight Saga)

New Moon  - Stephenie Meyer I still don't like Bella (jumping off the cliff was RIDICULOUS), but I am glad that she went to Italy and we all found out that there IS something interesting about her. Aro didn't say what it was, but after the entire first book and 480 pages of the second book, at least we now have a clue that we are supposed to like Bella not for the personality she displays in the books but because of some other potential that she has that only vampires can see. Maybe in Book 3 we will get to find out exactly why Edward puts up with her?Loved Jacob. I would have liked to spend the entire book with him, maybe watching him get played by Bella and reacting to her. Although I don't think I like Meyer's prose enough to commit to that.Also, the book ended with a marriage proposal? Are you kidding me? Did Meyer get last-minute funding from Focus on the Family or something? That was a huge mood-killer for me. Maybe in the next book they can have a nice civil marriage and then file their taxes together! We can follow the trials and tribulations of registering for wedding gifts and selecting a china pattern. Not to mention persuading vampires to go out to a bridal salon for bridesmaid's dress fittings! What the fuck.