How to Be Lost: A Novel

How to Be Lost - Amanda Eyre Ward Terrible writing. I recently heard the author Mavis Gallant say in an interview that she doesn't like reading her early writing because she used to be lazier about her language in a way that makes her cringe now. If Amanda Eyre Ward plans to continue her career as a novelist, she might want to start thinking about this sooner rather than later. Her prose is bland and artless. Sadly, so are her characters, each of which is a stereotype: the lonely mother who covers up her grief with overzealous cheer; the married, distanced, pregnant and domesticated sister; the sassy black girlfriend (really!). I skimmed most of it because I wanted to find out how it ended, but the character of the lost sister, as revealed through her letters to someone she met on, was so weak and annoying that I dreaded the disappointment she would be to her sisters if she ever were reunited with her family.I was hoping for literature and got chicklit instead. This was a weak novel and I would not recommend it to discerning readers.