Gregory Galloway: As Simple as Snow

As Simple as Snow (Alex Awards (Awards)) - Gregory Galloway

Wow, did this book disappoint. I was hoping to love it, but just ended up thinking it was okay. It was one of those books where the plot was too interesting for the writing, so I ended up skimming lots of text about the main character (who I didn't like) so I could find out more about the supporting character (who I did like).


I think this is supposed to be one of those stories where a young, unsophisticated, undeveloped dumbass of a guy gets inspired to a great literary career by a woman who is interesting but horribly damaged. If you have seen Sophie's Choice, you have read this book: just substitute lame highschool goth kids for Nazis. But the twist in Sophie's Choice was so much better than this book's cop-out ending.


I get that the main character (he has no name) in this book was just a kid, and we all know from experience that it's wrong to expect highschool boys to be interesting, so Galloway could be excused for the plodding dullness of the narration. But he goes and proves himself wrong by writing an interesting and vivid secondary character in Anastasia Cayne. And then he expects us to care what happens to the narrator for the remainder of the book after Anastasia disappears? Even Carl the drug-dealing best friend was more interesting than the narrator!


Meh. I finished it, just to find out what happened to Anastasia, then wished I hadn't bothered.