The Romantic: A Novel

The Romantic - Barbara Gowdy For me, this was a perfect book. Gowdy gave her main character, Louise, so much emotional depth, even when Louise was still a child, that it was effortless to connect with her. The book goes on to perfectly catch the feeling of trying to move on without the person whom you know you are meant to love, and at the same time the feeling of ambiguity toward someone you lost long ago and have successfully learned to live without. But the prose is so beautiful it could have been about nothing at all and I think I would have loved it.If only I could say, "You're worthy of your own life," and make him believe me. Too late. Too late. He seems completely enraptured now by the idea of no longer existing. I think he imagines the space he'll vacate, the actually physical space, and there we'll be, his parents and I, waving our hands around trying to find him, but at least we won't come up against any resistance. There won't be anything to collide with, only air.