Trevor Romain: The Boy Who Swallowed A Rainbow

The Boy Who Swallowed A Rainbow - Trevor Romain

Lucas lives on a farm and is bored. One day, while he is moping in boredom on top of a hill, he yawns and accidentally swallows a rainbow. Every time he talks, beautiful colours flow out of his mouth. He becomes famous, and then much to my horror as I read this book to my two-year-old, some large mean men kidnap him and lock him up until they can figure out how to get the gold at the end of the rainbow in his belly. The illustration for this plot twist shows Lucas being snatched away by a big strong hand around his ankle. In the end, Lucas manages to escape and returns to his parents' farm where he is still sometimes bored but learns to live with it. Really, that's how it ends. We will not be reading this one again.