Noël Piper: Most of All, Jesus Loves You!

Most of All, Jesus Loves You! - Noël Piper

We were given this book as a gift from a family member. Even though I am outside the Christian religion, I am open to books from all other faiths, so I gave it a whirl.


I read the book and deeply disliked it. Its message is that the deepest love a person can experience comes from Jesus. I thought about it for awhile, and came to the conclusion that I just don't agree with this way of looking at relationships. The idea of ranking relationships and placing just one at the top, with a special gold star, really bothered me.


To the book's credit, it did make me think about what we want to teach our children about the different types of relationships they will have over their lives. All types of relationships, from acquaintances and business contacts to best friends and lovers, need boundaries, and it's important to be able to grow and manage each of them. But the belief that one relationship is more special than all the rest and that one should covet it and depend on it absolutely sounds vaguely poisonous to me. It's the kind of thinking that invites one to fall way too deep into one relationship, to forsake all others in pursuit of the most. To treat love as a contest or a competition that someone (according to the book, Jesus) always wins, to treat the most as a good thing (it's not, stalkers, it's really not!).


In the end, I decided that not only is the book's message wrong for our family, but that the beliefs about love that it is based on are not the way I want us to be thinking. I know I'm oveanalyzing it, and that this book is meant simply to give comfort to children. But in my opinion, it introduces the idea of jealous, covetous, possessive love, and that's not a message I want to bring to my daughter.


So, it got tossed.