Cross My Heart & Hope to Die

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die - Claire Calman There is not enough material here for 450 pages. Much of the detail, which included a surprising amount of trivial chatter, could have been edited out, which would have resulted in a stronger book.According to the cover of my copy, The Mirror said, "Claire Calman’s novels are several notches up from chick-fic: they’re lively, thought provoking domestic novels that encroach on Trollope territory." I couldn't agree less. This is HIGHLY chicky fic. The main character is a successful shoe designer who is in her late 30s, has never considered herself attractive, and now finds herself pursued by three men. This book is exactly zero notches up from chick lit. Not that chick lit is necessarily a bad thing, but I was hoping for something more (something less cute, less chatty, and less predictable) and I was disappointed.