Dani Shapiro: Slow Motion

Slow Motion: A True Story - Dani Shapiro

I liked this book, it was a quick and exciting read. I agree with other reviewers that it had many problems: first, by leaving out some important personal history (i.e. her first marriage), I think we get the wrong idea about who the author is in this book. Secondly, it is pretty much the story of how a highly privileged person in her 20s was forced out of adolescence by her parents' car accident. It's hard to muster much sympathy for someone whose real problem is that she is basically still a teenager at 23. The hardships that Shapiro faces are pretty small potatoes in the context of the rest of humanity, and, as some reviewers have pointed out, there seemed to be plenty of money to throw at them.


In the end, though, I hardly cared. I wasn't reading this because I was in a highbrow mood. It was gripping, and Shapiro's writing managed to make me forget how annoying she probably was. It was so intense that I had a vivid nightmare after reading about how she ended up with Lenny. I think this memoir would have been much improved if she had focused even more on that relationship, which, in its creepier moments, came pretty close to psychological horror. So yes, in the end it was a highly entertaining trainwreck. Recommended if you like knowing too much about how the 1% lives.