Kirsten Koza: Lost in Moscow

Lost in Moscow: A Brat in the USSR - Kirsten Koza

I enjoyed this one, partly because I was born in about the same time and place as the author and could really relate to her 11-year-old self. The story itself is great, too, though. Everything that you think might go wrong if you send your daughter to the USSR does, including skydiving in inappropriate equipment, running from Red Square guards and then getting lost in Moscow, buying and drinking vodka, and being exposed to radiation for a sore throat in a creepy Russian hospital. And yet, not only is Koza more or less fine, but she is probably a better person for having had this (mis-) adventure. The parent in me wonders if, given the chance, I could send my daughter off to summer camp in the Soviet Union to eat terrible food, get in trouble, be in danger, and have an experience she will never forget. I would hope so. Parents used to be so much cooler than we are.