By the Time You Read This

By the Time You Read This - Giles Blunt Oh, so good. In this book, a detective (whom might will know if you knew this was a series when you picked it up, which I didn't) loses his wife to suicide, then goes a little too far in investigating her death (which is not an open case) and insisting that her death was actually a murder. I loved the setting, the passing of the trees from fall into winter, and I loved the main character teetering on the brink of a breakdown as he tries to understand why his wife finally did what she seemed to be threatening to do for so long but probably wasn't going to. I didn't like the subplot, which involves a different and unrelated crime, and I didn't like the resolution, which I thought was a bit over the top. Still, so good.This book addresses the problem I have with most murder mysteries, which is that the deceased is usually just a body that is required for the mystery. In this book, the deceased is missed, mourned, and longed-for. Unravelling the whole story is part of the burial for the investigator, something he needs to do to let her go. It was satisfying.