Michaela Muntean: If I Lived Alone

If I Lived Alone: Featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets - Michaela Muntean

This story is about a little girl who lives in a house with her parents, older sister, and little brother. At times, she finds it too noisy and too crowded. She doesn't like having to share her toys or having to be quiet when her little brother is sleeping. She thinks about how great it would be to live alone: she could stay up as late as she wants, be noisy whenever she wants, eat ice cream all day long, and never share the stuff in her room. But she would also miss everything she loves about living with her family. In the end, she realizes that if she did live alone, her family would miss her, too. It is a very sweet book.

My favourite part of this book is that although it is part of the Sesame Street Book Club Series, there are no recognizable Muppets in it. No Grover, no Kermit, no Big Bird -- and NO ELMO.