Hugh Lupton and Daniel Morden: The Adventures of Odysseus

The Adventures of Odysseus - Hugh Lupton, Daniel Morden, Christina Balit

One of the things you look forward to when you think about spending the next 18 years with a blank slate of a human is watching him or her respond to the great art of the world. Then you actually pick up a translation of Homer's Odysseus, and you remember why you still haven't made it all the way through even though you have had more than double that time to do it.


Not to worry, this adaptation solves the problem. It is (from what I remember) a close reading of the original, so the full adventure is included. Some of the detail is left out, of course, but all of the adventure is still there. Christina Balit's illustrations are stunning. I read it aloud to my six-year-old, and it was fun for both of us. I think she will get more out of it in a few more years, and I am hoping she will want to return to it.